This Coca-Cola Inspired Frame Is Surprisingly Popular

Coca-Cola Frame

Who doesn’t like Coco-Cola? But there is a problem. You can’t gift it to your friend (even though he is a big fan of the drink and the brand!). And, if you do, it won’t last a minute. We all know what happens.

Well, the problem is solved. Now, you can gift Coco-cola to anyone; we’re not talking about the actual Coca-cola. Confusing?

We’re talking about the Coca-Cola themed frame. A handmade product made with the up-cycled and repurposed bottle tops of Coca-cola. To avoid glitches, no glues were used. The gaps between bottle tops have been filled by (new and unused) straw which are not visible to the naked eye. Therefore, a visual treat for the one who receives the frame is guaranteed. As they are up-cycled from Coca-cola bottle tops, edges may have a sign of wear but it will not be dented.

Need it as a birthday present? No problem, you can order with the gift messages now. It can sit on a small shelf or it can be hanged on the walls. The sleek design ensures a good look always! And, you can have one in your room too; it doesn’t meant for gifting alone.

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