An Amazing Indoor Climbing Wall That The Entire Family Will Love


Rock climbing is an activity which involves skill, control, and power.  When rock climbing, you use the muscles in your legs and arms to pull yourself upwards until you get to your destination. Other than a physical activity this also exercises your mental alertness because you decide how to use your muscles so it does not tire easily.

If you want to get the workout that rock climbing gives but don’t want to go out of your home, you can choose wall climbing instead. You still get the same level of exercise without the danger that rock climbing brings.

Before you can start building a climbing wall you need to find an area where this has to be located. Preferably the space needs to be covered and should be large enough to accommodate other furniture and stuff that you might need later on. Then create a design and plan for the wall.

Construct the frame of 12 feet of 40 degrees then cover it with plywood. Remember to create a wall with the different angles so you get various difficulty levels. To keep our space safe, don’t forget to install the padding on the floor. You can use any cushioning material for the padding and pile these up. Place carpet on top of the cushion. Purchase different kinds of mold and fit these on the walls.

If you have free spaces you can create cubbies and storage shelves.

Check out the process here: 

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