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Built in Bike in a Bathroom


Vintage bikes can be used as decorative item in our home and can turn ordinary stuffs into something stunning just like this bike sink.

Imagine the sink without the bike; this would look ordinary, just like any other sinks. However, the bike added a vintage feel to the room which matches the floor and the other decors inside. It may look unusual but it’s also a fun way to redecorate your bathroom.

What you need to do is to measure the height under the sink to the floor and make sure that the bike will fit under it. You might have to remove the seat in order to make it fit. The handles also have to be removed so it will not occupy too much space. Stabilize the bike and secure it in place to prevent it from falling.

If you are looking for a bike choose one that could perfectly fit under your sink.

Once the bike is in place you can roll towels and place it in front of the bike to complete the vintage look of your bathroom.

It is important to remember that this can only be done if your sink doesn’t have a pedestal. If your sink has a stand you may want to look at options on how to take away the pedestal.

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