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How To Build A Woven-Rope Headboard

19 How To Build A Woven-Rope Headboard


Is there anyone who hasn’t drooled over gorgeous and super creative headboards in furniture stores? We don’t think so. A headboard can completely change the way your bedroom feels and looks. It can also add a lot of comfort and sophistication to the most serene space in a home.

A woven-rope headboard might seem like something for the pros, but it is actually a fairly simple project, which you can complete all by yourself.

The best part is that there are no strict rules or guidelines – just go with the flow and, at the end, you will surely have arrived at a great design. Below you can find the easiest and most effective ways to create your own woven-rope headboard.

– The classic weave

Step 1: For the classic weave headboard you would need a simple frame to attach the rope to. You could either buy one at a store such as Ikea, or create your own, using wooden boards, galvanized pipe, etc. Even here, at the very start, there are no rules – you just need to pick a frame you like and that fits your bed. Of course you also need rope and a lot of it – at least 500-600 feet. Your additional supplies are a staple gun or hot glue gun.

Step 2: The classic weave entails a creation of crossed rope, going horizontally and vertically. You can decide which direction is more comfortable to start with. However, make sure you begin at the top of the frame (if the top and bottom differ) – this way if you run out of rope at the end, you will be able to cover the hole with your mattress.

Step 3: If you want to start with the horizontal weave, begin by tying a knot at the middle of your frame. Then, start wrapping the rope to the left and then to the right side of the knot. Continue until you reach the other side of the frame and the entire space is filled in with rope. Once that is done, make sure you tie another knot at the end of your headboard, but leave enough slack to be able to tie the end of the rope to your first knot.

Step 4: To create a beautiful vertical weave that will cross the horizontal lines, tie a knot to one of the corners of your frame and then weave it through the horizontal pattern. You don’t have to work symmetrically, in fact, having an irregular weave might turn out more intriguing. If you find it hard to run the entire length of the rope through the horizontal lines, you can cut it every time your reach the end and knot it at the back of the headboard. Be careful to make a tight knot at the end.

Step 5: By now you project should be looking complete and all the knots should be at the back of the headboard. To finish your beautiful creation, use your stable gun or hot glue gun to further secure the rope at the back of the headboard.

– The contemporary weave

Step 1: This technique requires a lot less time and effort. It also has an edgier look but does have the disadvantage of not being as convenient or comfortable to actually use. To create the contemporary woven-rope headboard, you need a simple wooden frame, two or more colors of rope (about 100 feet each), an electric drill and a hot glue gun.

Step 2: Drill random holes into the sides of your frame, so that the rope can pass from one hole to another. You don’t need to create any special pattern, although you can if you want to. The more random the holes, the more edgy and interesting your headboard will look.

Step 3: Take a segment of your rope and thread it through one of the holes, tying a knot at the outer part of the frame. Thread the other end of the rope through an opposite hole, tie a knot and cut the excess material. For best results, alter the two colors, in order to get a more creative feel to the finished project.

Step 4: Finally, you can add a bit of glue to each knot in order to keep it securely attached to the wooden frame.

A woven-rope headboard is a great project that can really transform your bedroom and add a touch of comfort or contemporary edge. Don’t be afraid to experiment with shapes or patterns – it’s all about your creativity!

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