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Build Unheated Greenhouses For Winter Harvests And Year-Round Gardening

The wave of organic farming has caught up with most of the world and people are now leaning towards healthier alternatives, away from the supermarket. One effective way of doing so is to grow your own food. Not only is it a healthier option but also brings you closer to your food. However, it gets tricky to maintain a steady supply of food in winter and isn’t easy to take care of your gardens and vegetables.

Luckily there is organic farmer, Eliot Coleman and his wife Barbara Damrosch, who have valuable advice on how to go about things in harsher weather. Their advice is simple and easy to follow and informative for those interested in gardening and growing your food. Eliot Coleman and his wife built plastic-covered hoop houses and greenhouses to encourage growing conditions 500 miles away from the location of their farm, as well as used less tech savvy but useful methods to boost yield.

Follow the links to know ways to build a green house, their advice on soil blocks and valuable knowledge on winter harvest. All the information you needed about gardening, all under one roof. Time for a productive holiday season!

Click to know how to build your greenhouses and more!


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