Beautiful Swimming Pool Made Out Of 10 Pallets

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Props to this swimming pool designer who came up with this idea for a backyard swimming pool made out of pallets. Have you ever dreamed about having your own swimming pool in your yard, especially for the hot months, but thought that pool companies were too expensive?

Well, hopefully this inspires you that you can make your own pool. This pool cost a total of $80 to make and is made out of 10 pallets and if you have the space this is something you could easily make at home.

Hopefully this DIY swimming pool builder idea is very cost effective and kids love it. It contrasts somewhat with the much more exciting hidden swimming pool idea we also shared.

You can create your very own pool in the backyard and you do not even have to spend a fortune.

First, attach ten pallets together and form the shape that is desired. You will also need a waterproof tarp, which will serve as a lining. Have it doubled with another layer of tarp to make sure that water will not leak.

Attach sidings on the pallet, which will help create a seamless and more attractive look. This will cover the pallet so that the exterior will look more attractive. Once this is completed, you can now have it filled with water and start enjoying your DIY swimming pool.

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