Another Great Pallet Idea

Another great pallet idea

Pallets are movable platform that is utilized to support a forklift when transporting goods. Goods are not only moved but it can also be loaded and kept in it. But the use of pallets are not only limited to this. When goods are taken pallets can also be used to make coffee tables. You don’t have to purchase new woods to make tables. Pallets are cheaper alternative for new woods.
There are different pallet table designs and the one on the picture is one of the easiest that you can do.

What you need for this pallet table are the following: wooden shipping pallet, saw, drill, wood screws, sandpaper, stain, metal rods (for the legs).


On this DIY pallet table, the pallets were pulled to pieces then cut according to the sizes needed. The pallet pieces are then placed together to form the table top. A frame using longer pallet woods are then used as border of the table top.

The third photo shows that a base is used to secure the table top. When the frames are positioned and the table top is secured, the metal legs are then attached using drills and wood screws. Now you are ready for the finishing touches. Using a sand paper polish the table top before topping it with stain or paint. Wait till the paint dries and then you can move it in your living room.

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