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An Exciting and Easy Furniture Transformation…

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If you want to make or improve your own furniture, the best place to start is to head to Goodwill and see what you can pick up. As you may have seen from the videos on our Facebook page, turning an old piece into modern furniture is easy. The first thing to do is to take out the drawers and handles, wipe them clean, and sand it to smooth out the finishes, which will make it ready to be painted. To get a contemporary furniture style, once done with the sanding, wipe the surface with a combination made from vinegar and water.

This natural solution will prevent the surface from being ruined and will make the cleaning process environmentally friendly as no toxic chemicals are used.

You can now start priming, let it dry, sand it again, and proceed with painting. You can do this with any piece – including teak furniture.

Since it's been a popular request, we're going to do a new project where we walk through this process step by step for different types of furniture and create a print out list of all the different bits and pieces you need. Stay tuned.

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