A Fast, Effective and Stunning Furniture Transformation

furnitureIt's surprising how some furniture that looks so old and useless can be suddenly transformed into an amazing piece with some simple furniture cleaning, just like in the case of the drawer that is shown in this example. From the first look, you can see it has a boring appearance, which is sure to not command a second look from anyone who will see such. Yet, home furniture ideas come think and fast when you start to upcycle.

Through having it undergo some minor furniture refinishing and painting, you can make it look livelier. To begin with the DIY painting job, first remove the handles, and follow it up by sanding to smoothen the finishes.

Wipe it off and once the surface is clean, you are ready to finally have it painted. This is where the fun starts as you can choose which paint to use, depending on the design you have in mind for your furniture ideas.

Make sure it is properly dried before you put the handles and the drawers back on the table. After this, you will surely be happy seeing how it looks as good as new now after having it painted on your own!

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Written by knownvalley

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