6 Things That Have Transformed Beyond Recognition Over The Years

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The gadgets, appliances, and machines we use today make work easy to do. We also stay fabulous with the updated designs of some fashion pieces we wear. When it comes to entertainment, we also get quick access to new films, TV shows, and music. We can do all these things in as fast as a few swipes, clicks, or push on one or few buttons.

Nevertheless, did you know that some of the inventions we enjoy today seem too complicated back then?


It's too easy to take some snaps today whenever you feel like it. Through wi-fi, you can even connect your camera to a smart device and use it as a remote control. This feature also allows you to instantly view photos or upload them to social networking sites. While some DSLRs and camera lenses are a bit heavy, at least, you can fit them in your bag and carry them without any hassle anywhere.




But, take a look at the first ever version of digital camera. Instagramming will be such a big sacrifice if this is the only thing you have.




With each year passing by, the television seems to become thinner. Yet, screens grow bigger and display becomes more vivid with enhanced technology.

When it was first invented, it looks like a fat wooden box with a small screen!



Calculators were already transformed as a phone app or a program in a computer. Some wristwatches even have built-in calculators.

However, the first calculator looked similar to a typewriter.


Life Jacket

Imagine wearing these old life jackets on your next island hopping adventure. Thanks. But, no thanks.


Roller Skates

Do you think these roller skates are safe to use? It looks a whole lot complicated.


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