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5 Ways to Make Your Pergola and Gazebo Look Amazing

33 - 5 Ways to Make Your Pergola and Gazebo Look Amazing

Outdoor structure such as pergolas and gazebos provide shade and protection from the natural elements. It also serves as a cozy area where one can retreat and relax after a stressful day. These two outdoor structures, gazebo and pergola, are often used interchangeably but they differ from each other.

Pergolas are those used to cover walkways and at the same time provide cover for seating spaces. This structure typically has 4 legs and is rectangular in shape. A distinct feature of pergola is its roof which consists of wooden planks making it open.

On the other hand, gazebos are those which are shaped in a form of octagon which is reinforced by 8 proportioned columns. These structures are often found in parks but can also be built in gardens.

Regardless of what you have in your backyard, it is important that you maintain its look or make it look even more amazing. With these outdoor structures you will have a romantic and appealing atmosphere space that will awe your guests.

If you feel that your pergola or gazebo no longer have the appearance you are looking for then it’s time for you to update its look without having to spend too much.

Here are simple ways to make your pergola and gazebo look amazing.

  1. Lighting

Lighting plays a very important role in adding drama to an outdoor structure. Although you want to see the outdoors, you don’t want glaring lights. Choose dim lighting that provides sufficient light but still retains the romantic feel of the environment.

Hanging lights are great for gazebos and pergolas. It is very easy to install is comes at a low price. You just have to familiarize yourself with the right locations so the lights will compliment your outdoor structure.

Lamps posts are also great addition to any outdoor structures. You just have to secure it on a posts and you’ll instantly get that dramatic look.

  1. Comfortable seating area

Pergolas and gazebos are supposed to be a cozy area but this can’t be made possible of you have uncomfortable sitting area.

Since pergolas have openings on top, make sure that your chair cushions have waterproof covering so you don’t have to worry when it rains. As for gazebos, you have a lot of options depending on how large your space is. You can combine different kinds of seating furniture. Place multiple seats and surround it with single seats so you and your friends can gather around during special occasions.

  1. Curtains

There are times when you want a little privacy when you’re in your cozy outdoor space. You can have that privacy by installing curtains in every open side so you can easily close it whenever you want a little privacy. You can also open it effortlessly when you want to enjoy the breeze.

By changing the color of your curtain you can also rapidly change the mood in your pergola or gazebo.

  1. Dining area

Bringing your dining area outside will give you more options when you have guests. Rather than confining yourselves in a four cornered room, you can now dine while appreciating the beauty outside.

Your outdoor dining area doesn’t have to occupy a lot of space. You can strategically position the table and chairs so that you still have enough space to move about.

  1. Small details

Others may think that small details are insignificant in adding appeal to gazebos and pergolas but it essential that you add these to make outdoor structures stunning.

Candles placed at the center of tables can instantly add a romantic feel to the atmosphere. Incorporate different sizes of candles. You can also place them in corners to give the place a subtle glow at night.

Another addition are various plants. For pergolas you can put vine plants so that as it grows it will cover the external structure. When the vines cover the opening on the roof, it will provide shade during the hot time of the day.

For gazebos, you can put flowering plants placed in small containers on tables or corners. When the flower blooms, the color will make your space look vibrant.

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