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5 Ways to Make Stunning Outdoor Lights

45 - 5 Ways to Make Stunning Outdoor Lights

Outdoor lighting is important in many ways because it does not only enhance the appeal of your home but it also increases safety and security. A well-lighted outdoor space helps highlight your landscape thus adding value to your home. You will also feel secure when you can clearly see every corner of your outdoor space.

Whether you want to install outdoor lighting for esthetic of security purposes it is essential that your light will look stunning and well thought off. To be able to do this, you need to understand the basic of lighting.

The 2 types of outdoor lighting are high voltage and low voltage light. For residential areas low voltage light is perfect because it is very easy to install and maintain. If you want to be environmentally friendly, opt for LED lights because it produces bright light with the use of a small amount of electricity.

Here are other ideas to make stunning outdoor lights.

  1. Make a plan

Making a plan is important regardless of how big or small your outdoor space is. You have to create a diagram of the lighting set-up. Find the spot where you plan on putting the light and decide the intensity, quality and color of the light emitted.

Sketch your outdoor light set up to use this as your guide when you are doing the installation.

  1. Types of light

The type of lighting you choose would depend on your goal and the landscape design. Different kinds of light serve different purposes. To make stairways, pathways and driveways visible safety lighting is used. With safety lights on walkways, accidents can be prevented because you can easily see the way. If you want to highlight a feature of your garden up lighting, down lighting or flooding can be used. Up lighting is when the source of the light is from the ground. As for down lighting, the light comes from the top streaming down towards the objects. Flooding is when compact light is directed on an item.

  1. Moods and effects

Outdoor lights can create different moods and effects. For an outdoor space where one wants to relax and unwind, subtle lights are perfect. The light should not be too high as it would diminish the privacy of people in the garden. If it’s too weak it won’t provide enough lighting to make your guests comfortable moving around the space. The lighting should just be enough to give that dramatic look to your space which is neither too harsh nor too soft to the eyes.

  1. Fire lighting

Other than electrical or solar lighting, fire lighting can also work outdoors. Candle or torch lighting is an economical and energy saving design that will provide you with a unique light source. You can make your own candle lanterns made from tin cans or wine bottles. This way you can recycles things that you already have at home.

Fire pits are also great source of outdoor lighting. This will give a large pool of light that many can enjoy. Fire pits can be permanent or portable. The later can be bought in stores where it comes in different colors and styles. As for permanent fire pits, it is usually made from concrete and stones and positioned in an open area.

When using fire light, make sure that it is positioned far from materials that can easily get caught in fire to avoid accidents. This kind of lighting is not recommended if you have kids and toddlers around.

  1. Getting the bugs out

The problem with having light outdoors is that it tends to attract insects and bugs especially during warmer months. This can ruin your time outdoors with friends and family. These bugs are mostly attracted to very bright light so when you plan to use bright lights, make sure that you position it in areas far from where you will be entertaining guests. Installing the lights from the top will also attract insects away from the ground area.

Consider placing blue lights in strategic areas outdoors because insects are more enticed by this kind of lighting. For your entertainment area, you can install insect traps.

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