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5 Ways to Make Solar Water Heating Showers

25 - 5 Ways to Make Solar Water Heating Showers

Many of us are using heated water every day. Although this is a luxury, it is still necessary that we have these heating showers in our homes to make our everyday lives much more comfortable. When using water heaters, what we don’t realize is that much energy is used during the process. Increased energy usage does not only mean an increased bill but also more waste products that can affect the environment in the long run. Fortunately our sun has overabundant energy that we can easily use.

Solar heated water is a highly sustainable water heating method that could significantly lower your electric bill up to 20% and the same time lessen the undesirable effects to the environment.

There are different ways on how you can make solar water heating showers. Here are some simple ideas that you can consider in making your own water heating showers.

  • Pallet solar shower

This is ideal for the outdoors where you will need to construct a four walled cabin with a small door using pallets. For the floor, directly place the pallet without dismounting it so the water could drain to the grounds.  Other than the pallets you also need the following:

  • black hose
  • glass box
  • deposit
  • shower
  • valves and fittings to connect the different parts

The black hose is placed inside the glass box and the other parts are connected to form a shower. The infrared coming from the sun will heat the hose and the water inside thus producing heated water.

  • Gravity-fed solar heated shower

This is a pump less solar water heater is mostly made of repurposed materials. This structure includes 2 raised topless coolers which are covered with a plane of glass. The coolers are connected to a shower head with a tube.

When creating this kind of solar water heater you have to make sure that the containers are several feet higher than the shower head to warrant sufficient pressure so water is pushed out through the shower head. You also have to make sure that the containers have clear access to the south so it can store sunlight all throughout the day.

  • On the ground tank system

In this kind of solar water heater you need a tank painted with black paint to help absorb heat coming from the sun. Next, a pipe needs to be connected to the top part of the tank while the other end is connected to a shower head. At the bottom of the tank a cold water feed is joined.

The moment the cold water is turned on, the pressure causes the hot water to be pushed towards the shower head dispensing heated water.

  • Plastic bottle solar water heater

This is a rooftop solar water heater that simple, cheap and energy saving as well. This makes use of 2 liter plastic bottles, milk cartons, PVC pipes, elbows, connectors and storage tanks.  The principle of this solar water heater is based on the thermo siphon principle wherein hot water becomes less dense hence it moves upward while the denser cold water is pushed towards the bottom. With this, the water inside the tank and pipes circulate producing heated water.

  • Simplest shower water heater

You can readily purchase a 5 gallon portable shower in stores. This is ideal for those who are planning to go camping and enjoy the outdoors. The shower is made from black polyethylene material that absorbs the rays from the sun. After 2-3 hours or exposing it under direct sunlight you can already make use of the warm water. The shower is made wider and kink free for easier use.

With this solar water heating ideas we can help conserve energy and decrease pollution in our environment. If all of us become aware of how helpful it is to use solar energy, then our world will become a better place to live not just for us but the next generation as well.

The use of solar energy is not only limited to water heating. Check out other means you can make use of this free energy source from the sun.

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