5 Ways to Make Outdoor Porch Beds

31 - 5 Ways to Make Outdoor Porch Beds

The best way to enjoy your summer at home is by relaxing in a porch bed. With an outdoor porch bed you can spend the entire day enjoying the outdoor view or you can spend the day reading your favorite book while sipping cold lemonade and enjoying the summer breeze. You’re not the only one who will love an outdoor porch bed because kids and other adults will equally adore this area in your home.

Having an outdoor porch bed will encourage you and your family to spend more time outdoors and do activities together. Thus it is wise to invest in this project for your porch area.

Here are ideas and porch bed designs that you might want to try.

  1. Pallet lounge bed

With this kind of bed you don’t have to spend a lot of money. Mostly you will be using recycled materials that you can buy at a very cheap amount. The main materials for this kind of porch bed are pallets which you can easy find in stores. After constructing the main bed structure you can paint it with any color or just leave the natural effect of the wood. Next, place comfortable cushioning with colorful throw pillow.

To make your pallet bed more useful you can create a storage area on the bed itself. Here you can keep extra pillows and blankets so you’d have easy access whenever you need it.

Another very easy way to make pallet beds is by directly 2 pallets on the floor then topped with another 2. Top with thick mattress and pillows and you now have your porch bed.

  1. Narrow porch lounge

This is for people with very limited porch space. Instead of creating a bulky structure you can spread a cover directly on the floor then place mattress or cushions. Place a bed spread and pillows and your good to go. Even with a small porch area, you still get to relax and enjoy the outdoors.

Since this is a narrow bed, it can only accommodate one or two petite persons at a time but it can still serve its purpose. Placing small plant containers with colorful flowers can somehow make the space look a little bigger that what it really is.

  1. Hanging bed

This is a fun and unique kind of porch bed that is ideal for those who have large porch area. There are different approaches in creating a hanging bed but the most common way is by attaching the ropes or chains to the ceiling. Ensure that the ropes holding the hanging bed is securely fasten to the ceiling so that it can carry even heavy weight.

A hanging bed can be made from old trampolines or wood depending on what you prefer and what you have available.

  1. Simple modern bed with curtains

Porch bed doesn’t have to be elaborate to be comfortable. Even simple ones can give you that comfort you are looking for as long as it has proper cushioning and if it looks great. One way to add comfort and privacy is by placing curtains. Attach poles at the corners of the bed where you can hang the curtains. When you need a little privacy you can easy use it.

  1. Tabletop porch bed

This made from salvaged table top that would usually end up hidden somewhere in the attic or basement. This is very easy to make and you only need few things. You first need to check if the tabletop is still in good shape. Make sure that it is sturdy because it will carry a lot of weight later on. Next, elevate the tabletop by adding short wooden legs of you can create a frame where you will directly place the slab of wood on top. While doing the construction, check the pieces every now and then to make sure that it is secured. After painting the bed and putting cushions and pillows, your tabletop porch bed is ready to use.

Creating a cozy space in your home is made easy with these simple porch day bed ideas. So if you have a few hours to spare in your day go and grab some materials and start creating your own porch beds.

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