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5 Ways to Decorate Your Outdoor Living Space for the Summer Season

36 - 5 Ways to Decorate Your Outdoor Living Space for the Summer Season

Summer almost get everyone excited not just because of the outdoor activities that one can enjoy but also with the decorating that you can do with your outdoor space. The best thing about summer is that the weather allows you to extend your living space outdoors without having to spend much on home renovation. There are even instances when you don’t need to purchase anything. You can make use of things that you already have and just give it a little twist to give a different look to your space.

Simple and inexpensive ways to decorate your living space include these 5 ideas.

  1. Lighting

Proper lighting can make so much difference in the appearance of your outdoor space. Remember that when lighting the outdoors a little goes a long way. This is because you won’t need as much light outside compared to the insides of your home.

When designing your outdoor lighting you must consider the views from the indoors, sense of depth and the focal point.

The outdoor lighting should still look nice even if you are indoors.  Try looking out on every window of your home to see if the design is integrated with your landscape. If you are planning on adding a focal point outdoors, you can achieve this by placing light that would highlight the area.

  1. Add colors using accessories

You will be surprised with the difference that colorful accessories can bring to the outdoors. Focus with the cushions, pillows and other small details in your outdoor living space. The good thing about using lots of colors outdoors is that you don’t have to worry about clashing of hues. Most of the time you can get away with any colors you choose.

Colors that will surely amp your outdoor space include yellow, fuchsia, deep blue and vibrant orange. These colors are refreshing and cool to the eyes which are very suitable during the hot summer days.

You can also add colorful plant in corners of your outdoor space or on top of your tables. As the plant produces flowers, it will not only make the area gorgeous but also add a pleasing aroma. Place flowering plants in small containers and situate it in area where there is sufficient sunlight.

  1. Attach curtains to the ceiling of your porch

Attaching curtains outside is a great way to enjoy a little privacy when you are outside. It is also a pretty accessory in your outdoor space. When choosing curtains make sure you are specifically looking at outdoor ones so it does not easily fade and will last for a long time.

During very hot summer days you can easily spread the curtains to prevent your outdoor seating area from getting too hot. The curtains will serve as a barrier thus making the area cooler.

  1. Create a dining area

If you have a large outdoor space then you can set up a dining area. This doesn’t have to be fancy and expensive, a small table and few chairs is a good start. To make the chairs more comfortable you can throw in cushions and pillows so your dining experience is made more relaxing and care free.

With an outdoor dining area you get to have more space for entertaining guests and family members. You get to enjoy each other’s company and at the same time appreciate the beauty of the outdoors.

  1. Hang a comfortable swing

What better way to spend the summer afternoon than doing nothing and just relaxing while lying on an outdoor swing in your patio.

You can make one using pallets or you can purchase pre-made ones and just hang it securely to the ceiling or outdoor posts.

With these ideas, you will get to enjoy the summer outdoors without spending too much. Since these ideas are pretty simple you get to transform your space in no time. You can even do all the decorating all by yourself without help from other people. So start making your plans now and gradually do the changes to make your space a great area to spend the summer season.

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