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5 Ways to Build Greenhouses Out of Old Doors and Window

20 - 5 Ways to Build Greenhouses Out of Old Doors and Windows

Windows and doors eventually wear out after several years of use and require to be changed. When this happens you don’t have to throw these windows and doors because these can be salvaged and turned greenhouses.

A greenhouse is a structure made from transparent material like glass or plastic that takes sunlight and in the process heating the air inside. This structure converts solar energy to thermal energy to give plants and other living things inside temperate heat and good water source. Greenhouse allows you to grow plants regardless of the weather and temperature outside

Since windows and doors are already put together, using these to construct a greenhouse is easier and less expensive compared when using other materials. You also need lesser tools thus this can be completed in a short period of time.

The essential things you need to do prior to the actual construction of the greenhouse is the planning, laying the foundation, laying the floor and framing the walls.

Planning involves checking the building code regulation in your area. During the planning stage you also have to determine the size of the greenhouse and its location. Make a sketch on paper so you know it you will need additional materials.

Laying the foundation, flooring and framing the walls is the actual building process but is really necessary especially if you are only making a simple greenhouse like ones mentioned in this article.

Here are 5 greenhouse ideas which make use of old doors and windows.

  1. Little window house

This simple project is perfect for those who are new in gardening. This is just a small greenhouse which can accommodate few plants but it’s as efficient as other kinds of greenhouses if created properly. You can adjust the size of the structure by using more windows but even with just 6 small windows you can already make your own greenhouse.

4 of the windows for the bottom part must be the same and the other 2 for its roof should also be similar. For the base of the greenhouse you will use 4 windows to form a square. You can use screws or nails to secure all four windows together. With the other 2 windows you need to form a triangular shape and place it on top of the base and you now have a little window greenhouse.

  1. Greenhouse seedling boxes

You can choose to have these boxes attached to your shed or build it as a separate structure. What you need are cypress lumbers or any kind of wood you feel comfortable working with. Form the wood into a box by first creating a frame followed by the base and walls. Place the windows on the opening at the top of the box. Use hinges to attach the windows to one side of the box so you can open and close when needed.

  1. Instant cold frame greenhouse

This greenhouse is probably the easiest one you can make. You only need few old windows and few straw bales. This is just a temporary greenhouse but could help your plants a lot. What you need to do is surround our plant with hay bales. Stack the hay until its a few inches higher than your plant. Then, place the windows on top of the hay bales.

This can also be used when you have raised garden as long as the windows can cover the plants without disturbing its growth.

  1. 3 piece window greenhouse

This only needs 3 pieces of similar windows. Get a wood for your back panel. Attach 1 window on each of the back panel’s sides. The last window will serve as the door for the greenhouse. You can cover the opening on top with glass.

  1. Vintage

You can go vintage with your greenhouse using antique doors and windows as walls and ceilings. There are windows and doors for sale online at very affordable price. The windows and doors do not need to be similar. You just have to use your imagination on how to arrange them to look stunning.

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