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5 Ways to Build Beautiful Garden Gates

14 - 5 Ways to Build Beautiful Garden Gates

During the old times gates were used to contain livestock and to limit the access of people in a particular area.  It is also used to protect ones belonging by locking it up. Although these purposes can still be true today, the main reason for installing gates, especially in our garden is for its appeal and add architectural dimension. It is also used to separate different areas of the garden.

Whatever your reasons are for wanting to install a gate it is important that you know what your options are like the materials to use, the dimensions of your gate and the like.

Materials used to create garden gates vary from metal, wood, and plastic. Some of these materials are treated so it will become sturdy thus preventing damage due to changes in weather. Wood is either pressure treated or stained. On the other hand, iron material is covered with galvanized metal.

After deciding what material to use, you have to determine the size of the gate like the height and the width. Next, choose whether you want the single or double swing. The single swing opens and its latch is found on an upright picket which is attached to a fence or wall. On the other hand, the double swing has 2 doors which you can open or close. The latch of double swing is found on the other end of the other door.

Below are the ways to have those beautiful garden gates.

  1. Wrought iron and brass garden gates

Majority of garden gates are created to add appeal to a garden and when this is your purpose in building a gate then the best material you can choose is steel, aluminum, wrought iron or brass. You can paint the material or leave it as it is to get that natural look. Materials like iron and steel can be customized to create details on your gate like spikes at the top or have letters etched on the material.

Gates made form wrought iron is heavy and sturdy hence it is perfect for those who want a security gate. Brass on the other hand is rust resistant, durable and last longer compared to iron and other materials. It is lightweight making it easier to install.

  1. Vertical board gate

This type of gate is tough and simple to make but provides less privacy. It is created using planks placed vertically then secured with horizontal planks at the back. Vertical wood used is not that lengthy and on can easily see over the other side. This is mainly for ornamental purpose and is built when you have a safe and secure neighborhood. You have the option to paint the gate but leaving the natural look of the wood is another possibility.

For a sturdier gate create a Z frame for your wooden planks so that other than the horizontal wood you have at the top and bottom where the planks are attached to, you also have a diagonal wood connecting the top horizontal wood to the lower horizontal wood for added stability.

  1. Japanese garden gates

Tori is a Japanese gate which is constructed using wood or bamboo that can be found in entrance of a shrine. This symbolizes the transition from the exterior world to the sacred interior world. This is very simple to create and it does not have doors.

  1. Vinyl garden gate

Vinyl gates require little to no maintenance needed because it is rust and rot resistant. Vinyl last longer that wood or metal and it is usually premade and very easy to install. It comes in variety of designs like picket gate, lattice gate or even privacy gate. Colors for vinyl gates are usually light like beige and the like.

  1. Solid arched gate

Solid arched gates look great with wood or stone solid fencing. This makes use of tall planks of wood making it perfect as a privacy fence. With this kind of gate you really wouldn’t see the opposite side. The wood use for his gate must be cut precisely so it will fit on the arch above.

Whether you want a privacy of decorative gate, you should ensure that it blends well with the theme of your garden and the look of your fence.

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