5 Ways To Clean Grout

16 5 Ways To Clean Grout

There is nothing like a pretty bathroom or kitchen splashback tile to turn your space into a pleasure to live in. But there is also nothing like faded, dirty grout to make you turn your head in disgust. Even though tiles are a very neat, convenient solution to moist areas, the one weak spot they have is grout. It becomes filthy very easily, fades and can even chipper away, corroded by bacteria. It even sounds horrible, not to mention the way it looks. Cleaning grout can be a challenge and if you decide to use store-bought solutions, is can also become highly toxic. Instead, you could try the next 5 simple and super-efficient all-natural remedies.

  1. Get the right brushes

To effectively clean grout, first you need to equip yourself with the correct brushes. As grout lines are usually very thin, just a regular sponge won’t do, even though you need to include it in your inventory for general tile cleaning and a rinse after thoroughly scrubbing the grout. For the tiniest, dirtiest places you may have to resort to an old toothbrush. Sounds a bit like an obsessive cleaner cliché, but a toothbrush can do wonders for your grout and you would do well to utilize it, at least every now and again. For those sections that are not too dirty, you can use a simple scrub brush.

  1. Light solution for quick maintenance

If you have just remodeled your kitchen or bathroom and your grout hasn’t had the time to get too dirty, or you have actually been cleaning it often and haven’t allowed any gunk to creep in, you can try this easy and light solution. Simply mix equal parts hot water and white vinegar in a spray bottle and spray all over your tiles. Leave it on for about 10-15 minutes and scrub with your brush, then rinse with a sponge. For an even quicker technique, you can saturate your sponge with the solution and apply all over the walls, then rinse with water.

  1. Hydrogen peroxide

If the water and vinegar trick does not do the job to your satisfaction, you can try upping your game by using hydrogen peroxide. It is a budget-friendly, natural solution which can alleviate the dirty grout pain. As you probably know, hydrogen peroxide can be used to mildly whiten teeth and has the same effect on grout. That is why it works especially well on light grout hues, but could potentially fade darker colors if applied too often. Mix half a cup of hydrogen peroxide with one cup of water in a spray bottle and apply all over your tiles without rinsing. This solution has another great perk – it keeps the mold away.

  1. A hardcore paste

If your grout is just nasty and you are in dire need of a hardcore cleanser, but don’t want to use chemical-ridden products, you can try the lemon, baking soda and water paste. Mix a bit of the three ingredients until you have a homogeneous paste. With this method, you would need to break out the old toothbrush and apply the paste to each grout line, while scrubbing. Lemon has natural bleaching and antiseptic powers, so it will give your grout a nice shine and will keep the germs away. Baking soda, on the other hand, is a great way to get even the tiniest bit of gunk out. After you are done with the toothbrush, you can work through the entire surface with a scrubbing brush and then rinse off with warm water or a sponge.

  1. Get rid of mold

If the ventilation in your bathroom is poor, you may be faced with mold, which is not only ugly and dangerous, but also challenging to clean. If mold is not properly cleaned, it can spread very quickly and corrode the grout, causing your tiles to unstick from the wall. Luckily, you can add 10-20 drops of tea tree essential oil to whatever cleansing solution you choose and you will be able to defeat the mold. Add 5-10 drops to a spray bottle of water and apply regularly after cleaning the grout, to permanently keep the mold away.

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