5 Useful Features In Everyday Objects That Most People Don’t Know


Most probably, we know the main functions of the typical items we use everyday. Yet, we might overlook the purpose of their design as well as their small features that may sometimes seem meaningless. Paying attention to these small details could help us though. For example, we can maximize the use of those daily items and fix them quick and easy when needed.

Tiny Hole at the Back of Your iPhone

The tiny hole between the camera lens and the built-in flash at the back of your iPhone serves as a microphone. It records sounds when you use the back camera for taking videos.


Random Holes on the Sides of Converse

These random holes were not placed on the sides of your converse solely for design purposes. They make good ventilation inside your shoes. Also, they allow you to tie your shoelaces in a way that will enhance ankle support.


Small Hole at the Bottom of a Padlock

The small hole at the bottom of a padlock enables you to oil it up when needed. It also acts as a filter when used underwater.


A Bobble on Your Winter Hat

The bobble on your winter hat isn't just there to make it more fashionable. It actually serves as a protection in case you accidentally bump your head onto a hard surface.




The Hole at the End of a Biro Pen Lid

A hole at the end of a biro pen lid was placed there for safety purposes. In case a child swallowed the lid, the hole will allow the air to pass through it, letting him breathe when it gets stuck in his throat.

Science Alert

You bet, this post gained a number of ‘Oohs' and Aahs' for all the trivia. So next time, don't take these small details for granted. They are totally useful. Yes, you're welcome.


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