5 Unusual and Rare Hybrid Animals


Hybrid animals are a result of sexual reproduction between two organisms that come from a different breed or species. Human activity, climate change and other environmental factors are some of the causes of hybridization.


Oftentimes, we hear about the contrast between a sheep and a goat. They have been tagged as opposites. So, who could have ever imagined that opposites attract in this way, as to the case of a sheep and a goat? The geep is the evidence.



Zorse is the hybrid of a male zebra and female horse. It resembles the appearance of a horse more, only that it has a few bold stripes on its body. When it comes to personality traits, it has also inherited most characteristics from its mother.



The offspring of a male jaguar and a lioness, it has a body with dominant color similar to a lion and a pattern of spots resembling that of a jaguar.



It is the result of hybridization between a coyote and a gray wolf. Coywolves display attributes present in both parents. For example, when they howl, at first, the sound is a familiar wolf’s howl, and as it progresses, it gradually turns into a high-pitched Coyote sound.


Grolar Bear

Grizzly bears and Polar bears are very similar when it comes to genetic attributes. So, it’s no surprise that both can be attracted to each other. Also, the rise of climate change resulted to frequent, closer interactions between the two species. Hence, the birth of grolar bears.


While these animals spark intrigue and interest as they appear cute and unique, hybridization often yield bad consequences such as birth defects and infertility. In some cases though, nothing bad can be observed. In fact, enhanced traits were formed.

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