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5 Things You’ve Been Doing Wrong Your Whole Life


If there’s a better and faster way you can do or use things for, won’t you like it? Of course, you’ll prefer saving yourself from the hassles of doing things wrongly. Becoming a master of life hacks is the secret.

Listed below are some of the cool life hacks you probably didn’t know before.

Preserving the Cake’s Freshness

Cut the cake from the middle to outwards to maximize its freshness.


Messy Tomatoes

Ever got annoyed of all the juice that’s spreading in every place when you slice tomatoes? Next time, place them in between two plates. Slice through the gap, and you’ll avoid the messy juice from spattering your tabletop.


Non-Stop Dripping Popsicle

Tore a muffin wrapper at the middle with the popsicle stick. Let it stay there to stay as neat as possible when eating a popsicle. You’ll avoid unwanted drippings on your clothes.


The Right Way to Eat Pringles

Perhaps you wanted to question the Pringles’ manufacturer why the opening of its container is too small for your eager hands that got stuck many times inside. Actually, you can simply pull out the paper you can find from the inside to get those chips quick and easy.


Fitting Shirts in a Small Drawer

Oops, you bought and collected too many clothes over the years. Yet, you can’t let the old ones go. The problem is, your drawer is small. To maximize the limited space, store your shirts on their sides to fit as many of them as possible.


Cool, right? See if it works for you!

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