5 Proofs That Our Life Is a Lie


It's inevitable that we unconsciously join a bandwagon of misconception believers at times. Truth is, we weren't even aware that they were misconceptions. Rather, we believed that they were universal facts. What are some of the lies we used to believe?

It's Zero Gravity on Outer Space

No, it's not zero gravity on outer space. Truth is, there's a weaker form of gravity in there, as compared to the gravity on the earth's surface. So, astronauts fall very slowly along with the station. The outcome? It's the popular thing we heard a thousand times in science: weightlessness.



Potato Chips Are Pure Potatoes

Potato chips aren't pure potatoes at all. Usually, they are a combination of starch, flour, water, and 40% potatoes. This is the reason why potato chips are smooth in texture and their edges are even.


Flying Moths Eat Clothes

Grown-up moths don't eat clothes. The culprit is their maggots. Moths like so much to live and lay eggs on fur. When these eggs are hatched, maggots come out and eventually, they start nibbling the fabrics.


Owls Are Short-Legged

Looks can be deceiving. Owls appear as short-legged birds. But someone got curious. Then, this person lifted the bird a little. That was the moment when owls proved our judgmental eyes wrong. They are actually long-legged birds!


Napoleon Bonaparte Was a Short Guy

At the time of Napoleon's reign, men in France have an average height of 5 feet and three inches or 5 feet and four inches. Nevertheless, the emperor's height was 5 feet and 6 inches. So, compared to his peers, Napoleon is actually tall.

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