5 Ideas for Kids Crochet Patterns

Striped Baby Blanket

Stripe is a common choice for crochet patterns because they are quite easy. With this, you can consider making striped blankets to provide babies with the warmth that they need. Make sure to use striking colors to create an excellent contrast. Avoid using dark or earth tone colors because they may not be able to invoke the playful character that babies will love. Calming colors, such as blue and beige, can also prove to be an excellent choice.

Olaf Crochet

If you have seen Frozen, you most probably know Olaf The Snowman. Kids loved the movie, and hence, they will surely love playing with a crochet snowman. This crocheted toy will definitely be appreciated by kids who fell in love with the movie. Each piece of the snowman will be crocheted individually. Once you are done, they will be attached altogether to be able to come up with the final piece. Do not forget to add buttons and other accessories to makes it look more complete.

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