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5 Easy Ways to Attract Wildlife Into Your Backyard

24 - 5 Easy Ways to Attract Wildlife Into Your Backyard

When you have a garden in your backyard you get to have access to vegetables or fruits in the comforts of your home. Having a garden in your yard also allows you to enjoy the wildlife that flowers and plants attract. However, enticing wildlife into your garden needs careful consideration. Here are things you need to do in order to draw animals, insects and other wildlife to your backyard.

  1. Identify wildlife you need and want

Not all animals are helpful to your garden. Some can even cause damage to your plants so you want identify which ones you want to attract and those which you must avoid enticing. Also take note that not every animal or insect that is helpful to your garden must be encouraged in your garden because there are those which may harm kids and other people in close contact.

Helpful animals you want in your garden include ladybugs, bees, spiders, insect eating birds and more.

  1. Planting native plants

Native plants are those which natural grows in your area. These plants not only serve as ornament in your garden but it also offers natural food sources to animals and insects and it also provides cover during the hot summer days. Just like other plants, native plants need to be watered and maintained bit ones it has established these native plants will require minimal maintenance. Choose native plants that bear fruit and produce flower during different times of the year so you get to enjoy the wildlife all year round.

Trees and shrubs that grow dense are also ideal so birds could have an area where they can make nests for their little ones. To make the area safer you can install metal possum guard at the bottom of the tree trunk to prevent cats from going up the trees.

Get a bird feeder and tables and place it in an open area so birds can easily feed themselves. Disinfect feeders often to ensure that the visiting birds will be free from any illnesses.

Adding bird houses can also increase the number of birds in your garden. The birdhouse will provide a nesting and roosting place for these animals.

  1. Water

All kinds of animals need water aside from food hence if you want them to visit your backyard you have to provide a clean and safe water source for them. A birdbath is a perfect water source not just for birds but other animals as well. When creating a birdbath, make sure you put it in an open space. Avoid positioning it in places where there is potential hiding areas for cats. You also need to change the water every day to keep it safe for the animals.

Birdbaths don’t have to be fancy. You can create one using a shallow dish and place it on the garden.

  1. Manage pets

Having pets whether a dog or cat could greatly affect the wildlife in your garden. These pets can endanger the lives of animals that come tom visit your place. Cats for instance are very good in hunting. They are fast and agile and could easily catch small animals like birds.

If you have pets at home, make sure to keep them inside the house. If you plan on letting them out you can put a leash on them so you can closely monitor their whereabouts.

  1. Reduce if not completely eliminate the use of pesticides

Pesticides do not only cause health problems to human but to animals as well. It usually kills any kind of species that comes in contact with the chemicals. The moment you spray pesticides to your garden, you are exposing even the beneficial insects to this harmful substance. Birds and other wildlife eat insects and when it is contaminated with pesticides it could also harm them.

Rather than using pesticides it is recommended that you encourage insects that eat pest species.

Transforming your garden into one that will attract wildlife does not have to happen overnight. You can gradually incorporate the changes you want. If you follow those simple ways to attract wildlife, you will enjoy these beautiful creatures in no time.

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