5 Centerpieces To Be Thankful For

1  5 Centerpieces To Be Thankful For

There are many intricate details involved in planning thanksgiving. Don’t let the centerpieces add to your growing to-do list, try these simple DIY options.

Pine Cone Centerpieces

Need a centerpiece that takes less than five minutes to make? Head outside and gather a few pinecone. Place them in a large bowl and add a hurricane vase holding a candle in the middle.

Grateful Funkin

Who said fake pumpkins can’t be fun? Buy a view fake pumpkins from the craft store and hot glue chipboards letters that spell words like thanks, grateful, gratitude. Then spray paint to match your table setting. For an added punch, glue burlap roses or fake flowers onto the bigger pumpkins.

Coffee Can Vase

Using branches from your backyard hot glue to a coffee can that you sprayed brown (to prevent any silver pieces from showing through).  Take a strip of burlap and tie it around the can to dress it up a bit. Add artificial fall flowers or maple leaves and done!

Cranberry Goblets

This three step centerpiece is a great minimalist way to incorporate flowers into your thanksgiving décor. Fill water goblets with cranberries and top with a white hue of your favorite fall flower like aster. Use a red table runner and add the glasses along the length of the table. Sprinkle a few cranberries between the glasses, you might want to eliminate this step if you’ll have little hands on deck.

Floating Grannies

Another simple idea that we love. In three or four wide vases, fill water and add granny smith apples. You can add a tea light above the apples or leave as is. Surround the vases with branches and place apples around the base.

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