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4 Ways To Revamp An Old Mirror

7 4 Ways To Revamp An Old Mirror

In home décor, the devil truly is in the details. Beautiful and expensive-looking furniture just won’t sit right if you do not have the perfect decorations and lighting. These are two extremely important aspects of every home that wants to turn into a stunner. One way to both catch the light, decorate your walls and create an optical illusion of a bigger space is to use mirrors.

They have nearly gained the status of an interior design God and should never be overlooked if you want to create a beautiful home. However, that in no way means you need to slam your computer shut and run to Ikea straight away or that you have to purchase expensive designer mirrors. Not at all! In fact, with some simple, inexpensive techniques you can give your old mirrors a new look and build a super chic home.

Break out the brushes

Perhaps the easiest, quickest and cheapest way to revamp an old mirror is to give it a new paint job. If your frame is textured and you want to give it a chic, luxurious look but in a modern color, you can use the wipe technique. You need satin or flat paint, a foam paint brush, a paper towel, a warm and wet washcloth.

Dab the brush in the paint and wipe off any excess paint on the paper towel – you want a very little bit left on the brush. Then simply start wiping down the frame and be careful not to get much paint into the inner textures of the frame. If you make a mistake, you can wipe the paint off the washcloth and start over. If your frame does not have texture, you could use spray paint.

Fish out the knickknacks

You don’t have to be a hoarder to have a bunch of useless items lying around. Even if you hate clutter, there must be a box somewhere with old knickknacks, tiny toys, flea market treasures and childhood memories. If you don’t want to throw these precious items away, but still use them in some way, they can be a great way to revamp your old mirror.

Firstly, you will need a simple but wide frame as your base. Then, gather all the trinkets and decide if you want to spray paint them or you like them as they are. Then, place the frame on a flat surface and arrange the items next to it in a composition you like. Lastly, apply strong glue to the frame, stick the knickknacks on top and there you have it – a brand new and very artistic mirror.

Go natural

For a chic yet earthly vibe, you can revamp your mirror by creating a twig frame. You need a simple craft store frame to use as your base, strong glue or even wood adhesive if you have it handy and some twigs, which you can either purchase or snap off the dead branches of a tree in your garden.

With this shamefully simple technique, all you need to do is spread the glue evenly over the frame and apply your creativity to arrange the twigs however you like.

Be careful to use enough twigs to cover the base frame, as it won’t look too good if you can still see it underneath. Also, add some glue in between the twigs to keep them in place.

Make it look even older

Distressed mirrors have an undeniably chic charm to them, but finding one that has aged naturally will be rather difficult and holds the potential of costing you a fortune.

Luckily, you can distress any mirror in a mere day and add a touch of architectural sophistication to your home. However, this project requires the use of strong chemicals and safety is advised.

You would need chemical gloves, a respirator or face mask, a paint stripper and putty knife, spray paint, paper towels, spray bottle and Muriatic acid. Firstly put on the gloves and mask, then spray the paint stripper on the mirror and leave it for 15-30 minutes; remove the paint with the putty knife.

After you have removed all paint from the back of the mirror, pour some Muriatic acid in the spray bottle and apply to the mirror. Leave it for about 20 minutes and wipe off. Lastly, apply the spray paint to the area you worked on, let it dry and be proud of the amazing mirror you’ve created.

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