4 Things You Were Taught In School That Were Actually Lies


It was only natural that we believed everything our teachers said when we were in grade school. Our parents never failed in reminding us to pay attention to class discussion. And so, we thought that everything we learn at school are facts. Well, some of them were really true, but not all.

What inaccurate lessons did we learn at school?

Einstein Failed Math

It was said that Einstein wasn't a good student at all. He even failed math. It's probably because he was too preoccupied in satisfying his curiosity which is just natural in most scientists. Nevertheless, Einstein actually earned good grades at school. In fact, when he was 11 years old, he was already reading a college-level physics book.

Probably this myth about Einstein is just used to inspire students who find math very difficult.


Your Naked Eyes Can See the Great Wall of China from Outer Space

So you were much amazed when you learned that your naked eyes can see the Great Wall of China from outer space. Since then, you dreamed of becoming an astronaut someday. We don't mean to ruin your dream, but you should know that this is entirely wrong. Your naked eyes won't see the Great Wall of China from outer space no matter how you try.


Humans Possess Only Five Senses

You've memorized the five senses of the human body long ago: sense of sight, hearing, smell, taste, and touch. However, these are not the only senses that we have. While these are the five major senses of the human body, we also possess up to 20 other senses including sense of direction, space, time, and temperature.



How Isaac Newton Discovered Gravity

After an apple fell on Isaac Newton's head, he discovered the law of gravity. Wrong! Newton spent at least two years to prove his theory of universal gravity.


Don't believe everything taught in school. Read some more. Find some more sources. It's great when you're able to correct famous notions that are actually inaccurate.


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