4 Houses That Are So Well Hidden You’d Never Notice Them

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Chances are, you’ve seen unique hideouts of both secret agents and outlaws in adventure, mystery and action films a hundred times. Fantasy movies depict little kids building a secret place of their own, too. Unbelievably, some people were able to build their own amazing hideaways in the forests, cliffs, and mountains in real life!

The Treehotel, Lapland Sweden

Hotel rooms on top of sturdy forest trees? What a unique and amazing experience it would be to bring back your childhood dreams of building a secret tree house in the midst of the woods. The Treehotel is open whole year round. Guests can witness the bliss of the blossoming spring, feel the summer camping vibe, get awed by the magic of autumn colors, or snuggle in the soft, warm blanket in the cozy little room on frosty winter nights.


Villa Vals, Vals, Switzerland

Spend some time away in the mountains to spark inspiration for your next project, boost creativity, or just relax and unwind in this Dutch-designed villa that is completely dug in the mountain. Wake up in the breathtaking view of the green meadows on summer days or love the all-white snowcapped mountain in the winter.


Cliff Haven, Utah

Living in this three-bedroom home carved inside a mountain in Utah may sound like you’re going to be a caveman. But, don’t judge yet. The Cliff Haven is a modern home with Wi-fi connection, phones, solar electricity, and adequate water supply. Its interior exudes warmth of a stylish, rustic cabin—you’ll never feel like a caveman at all!


Dugout House, Texas

Somewhere in the middle of this grassy hill hides a lavish home. Oops, don’t look straight, it’s right beneath! Looking plain on the outside, you’ll never guess that it has everything to offer inside—including a backyard pool.


No doubt, these homes will surely make you want to build a secret comfort zone of your own.

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