30 Very Useful Clothing Hacks Worth Knowing

Many are the times you are at a loss of how to make your clothing last longer without having to dig deep into your pockets. Well, here are simple tricks that will have your clothes looking new for long.

Dealing With Stains


Stains are quite irritating and most of them prove to be notorious and not easy to clean. However, there are different ways to clean out different types of stains to give your cloth the fantastic look it had before getting stained.

  1. For bleach stains on your black clothes, use a black sharpie to color over the affected areas.
  2. If Red wine spills on your clothes, it leaves a perpetual blotch. However, if you want to salvage your garment, move swiftly and clean it out using unflavored club soda. Water also helps remove the stain although, unlike club soda, it doesn’t contain stain removing agents.
  3. For many people, an oil stain on a cloth translates to a damage that cannot be written off. However, sprinkling baby powder over the affected area and leaving it overnight will save you a great deal.


  1. Pesky pit stains are quite annoying. However, you can hack them by applying lemon juice or baking soda on the shirts’ armpit areas before washing them.
  2. To clean out deodorant stains, simply rub the affected area with baby wipes and the stain will be removed. Moreover, a damp washcloth can also clean such stains.
  3. Red lipstick stains can be easily cleaned by spraying hairspray on the stain, leaving it for some time and then dabbing it gently. However, if the stain doesn’t fully diminish, wash it out.
  4. A mixture of equal parts of tartar cream and lemon juice can be used to remove stains on light colored leather boots. This is done by applying the mixture to the stain and allowing it to sit for about half an hour. Afterwards, clean it out using a damp washcloth.
  5. To clean out scuffs from your patent leather shoes, use window cleaner and a paper towel. However, be careful with the insoles as the chemicals could cause stains.
  6. If you happen to sit on a gum, don’t worry. Simply, place some ice on the gum. This makes it cold and therefore easy to rub off.


Dealing with Creases

  1. Using a bulky iron to press a shirt collar can be difficult. However, you can hack it by using a hair straightener.
  2. To avoid making new creases on your freshly pressed clothes, don’t put them on right after ironing. Wait for about five minutes for the fabric to cool.
  3. If you are looking for a quick fix on your wrinkly garment, simply hang it on your bathroom while you take a bath. The steam will iron out any crumples.

Dealing With Old Clothes


  1. If your jeans are getting ripped off, don’t be quick to throw them out. Rather, adopt some sense of style by wearing a pair of awesome tights underneath them.
  2. To avoid runs on your tights, drench them with hairspray. However, should the runs and holes develop, simply stop them from getting larger by applying clear nail polish on the edges of the tears.
  3. Transform your old sweater’s sleeves into boot warmers. All you need is a pair of scissors to cut out the sleeves.

Other Hacks

  1. To break in your shoes, simply put sandwich baggies filled with water inside your shoe and freeze them.
  2. Loss of unreplaceable buttons can be avoided by applying clear nail polish on them. This keeps the buttons intact and secure.
  3. To eliminate the wooly bits that are left on clothes after washing, pass a razor over them. If the razor doesn’t perform a good job, then use a lint roller to clean up your clothes.
  4. Rolling your pants, the right way, is a great hack give them a longer life and to prevent them from fraying.
  5. If you want your leather jacket to be styled to your perfect fit, wearing it out in the rain is the secret.
  6. Using a salad spinner is the best hack to drain excess water from your hand-washed clothes fast.

The above hacks will certainly add longevity to your clothing and give you a super look every day.






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