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5 Ways To Build Beautiful Garden sheds

10 - 5 Ways to Build Beautiful Garden Sheds

Without proper storage your garden tools could get misplaced and it could take you forever to find it. If this is a problem that you encounter most of the time, you should build a garden shed to keep your tools in place. A garden shed does not only store your tools in place but it also helps keep them dry and protected from harsh weather.

Building a garden shed on your own is not really a hard task but without careful planning this can lead to unexpected problems. If you do structured planning and research you can create your shed minus the frustration that most people experience

Leveling the ground

The key to a well build shed is the foundation. If the foundation is not properly made, your shed could weaken and all your efforts will be put to waste so you have to make a sturdy foundation.

Start making the foundation by leveling the ground. Remove plants like shrubs from the ground where the foundation is supposed to lay on. Then, dig dirt from the high area and transfer it to the part’s low points. Check the level every now and then and when it’s leveled, stomp the dirt to make it compact. Lastly, smooth the dirt using 2×4 inch wood.

Laying the foundation

Each state has different foundation requirements thus you have to talk with a building inspector so you know what is allowed in your area. The inspector might even give you suggestion as to what foundation is best for your garden shed.

Common foundations include block, wood, skid and concrete slab foundations. Block foundation is used for smaller shed wherein blocks of concrete are placed on top of 2-3 inch beds of gravel. If using this kind of foundation opt for solid blocks because hallow ones can crumble with the weight of the shed.

Skid foundations are best for leveled areas. Ideally, you should use pressure treated lumber to prevent insect damage. Two parallel lengths of skids are placed near the edges of the site then the sheds floor frame will rest on the skids.

As for wood foundation, it is beneficial because it does not need separate floor frame on top of the foundation. This comprises of a pressure treated, four-sided timber frame that sits directly on the ground.

Concrete slabs do not only provide solid foundation but a sturdy floor as well, especially if there is proper preparation on the base where it sits on.


The wood used for the walls should be pressure treated to increase the life span of your shed. You can simply construct the wall elements on the ground then place them on the floor foundation of the shed. This will save you time and effort. Just check that all the pieces are secured in place.

Other details

One very important part of your shed is the roof because it is exposed to the different weathers so it must be made from quality material.

Don’t forget about the windows and doors. For the finishing touches add trim pieces to the exterior of your shed to add character. Paint the exterior surface with grade wood primer to seal the surfaces before applying any paint.

For the interiors, you can construct work bench or shelves. When choosing paint, opt for neutral colors so dirt won’t be too obvious.

Constructing a garden shed will take several days or even weeks to complete but don’t rush into finishing it. Take your time admiring this project and learn from any mistakes to make along the way.

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