14 Insane Pools That Are Hard To Believe Actually Exist

1) Glenwood Hot Springs Lodge, Colorado, USA

Full of history and natural beauty, this particular swimming pool is so much more than a regular pool, in fact it has plentiful reputed health benefits too. Opened way back in 1888, the lodge is actually a natural hot spring, which we know is great for alternative medicine, and anyone with skin issues, rheumatism, or arthritis. The pools actually contains around 15 different minerals and are set naturally at 90 degrees – if you want to cool down, simply head to the two cold water pools. The lodge was built around these springs, and they re-fill naturally daily with around 3.5 million gallons of wonderfully warm waters. This is the largest hot spring pool on the planet and has two water slides which the kids will love.

2) Grace Santorini, Santorini, Greece

If you are looking for the picture perfect view then this one has to be up there high on your list. On the beautiful Greek island of Santorini you will find those iconic whitewashed buildings and blue domed churches, set high on the cliff-side, overlooking the glittering Mediterranean. This particular infinity pool seems to stretch on forever, and you won’t be sure if visibly it meets the horizon or the sea! By the side of the pool you can also enjoy delicious cocktails as the hotel employs a famous mixologist. Okay, it’s not cheap, but surely this slice of paradise is more than worth the saving up?

3) Nemo 33, Brussels, Belgium

This is the deepest indoor pool in the world, and you can dive to your heart’s content, with a diving school on hand if you need a little instruction beforehand. There is a built in cage for diving and the depth is 113ft with around 66,000 gallons of water inside. The temperature is kept deliciously warm, so you won’t be cold whilst you’re exploring, and this also means you can stay in the water longer than you would be able to otherwise. Opened back in 2004, the pools only accepts those of 12 years upwards, for obvious safety reasons.

4) Golden Nugget, Las Vegas, USA

The hotel itself is enough to enjoy, with a huge casino where you can attempt to win big, but its prime attraction is the huge fish tank, with its resident sharks. You can swim very, very close to these huge predators, quite safely of course, and there is also a thrill-seeking shark chute, where you are thrown into the same tank! Scary? Yes, but there are many safety effects in place, so don’t worry! If you don’t want to submerge yourself with these undersea monsters, you can simply chill out by the side of the pool and enjoy the view.

5) Antique Pool, Pamukkale, Turkey

If you want to combine history and nature, this is a great go to. Situated close to the city of Izmir, Antique Pool sits on the ancient Roman city of Hierapolis, and you can even swim over the remains. Of course, Pamukkale is famed for its hot springs and reputed health benefits, and whilst during the summer months you are going to find serious crowds, as well as a higher price tag, this is certainly a seriously impressive pool to visit for history buffs. The photographs you can get from here are stunning at sunset too. Close by you will find Ephesus, another historic wonder.

6) Gold Energy Pool, St Regis Lhasa, Tibet

Is it real gold? Are you swimming in gold? This is one optical illusion you need to see with your own eyes! Of course, it’s not actual gold, but the idea is pretty cool. The tiles on the sides and on the base of the pool are gold, and the lights and shimmering water make the pool look like you are about to dive into glittering liquid gold. The pool actually glows on its own, it’s really something to behold, however do bear in mind that the price tag to actually get into the St Regis Lhasa is going to make your eyes water somewhat.

7) San Alfonso Del Mar, Chile

This particular pool is the second largest in the world; it used to be the largest but it has been overtaken by a development in Egypt. Despite that, this is one impressive pool which is built by the same people as those that actually stole the title! Sat on around 20 acres of land, the pool is pure salt waters, around 66 million gallons of it to be exact. This is all from the Pacific Ocean, which should give you some idea of its quality and clarity, before being treated and pumped into the pool. This is a hugely luxurious place to visit.

8) The Library Pool, Thailand

We have had the golden pool in Tibet, and now we have the red pool in the Library Resort in Thailand. Is it blood? Surely not! Is it rose petals? No, unfortunately not. This is another optical illusion which you simply have to see for yourself, and it is the main feature of the hotel’s grounds. The tiles are red, as with the golden version we spoke about earlier, and this gives you the impression of bathing in bright red water. Thankfully it isn’t anything particular sinister, and instead it is an illusion of the highest order! The facilities around the pool are also second to none, so you can be assured of a seriously sophisticated day.

9) Giola Lagoon, Thassos, Greece

Another Greek natural wonder, this particular pool sits on the tip of the island of Thassos, and despite its very remote location, it is extremely popular for those who make the effort to get there. The view from the pool is simply breathtaking, overlooking the endless blue of the Aegean Sea, and the pool’s water is actually even warmer than the sea itself, which makes it ideal for bathing and swimming. There are many rocks here, so be careful if you are traveling with children. Not a lot else is really know about this lagoon, because it is so remote, but perhaps that is what makes it so wonderful.

10) Blue Lagoon Geothermal Spa, Iceland

In the 1970s a geothermal power point was built in Iceland, and in an attempt to bring some more positive press to the area, the Blue Lagoon resort opened up this pool, and pushed forward its reputed health benefits. The pool is ideal for anyone who has skin issues and anyone who has joint aches and pains, thanks to the warmth of the water. There is also health beneficial mud at the bottom of the lagoon, which is great for skin issues, especially psoriasis. This resort is now majorly marketed as a health spa, and the focus is on using clean energy, to counteract the geothermal plant which was built nearby.

11) Grand Wailea, Hawaii

Hawaii is of course known for its beauty and natural wonders, but this particular pool is a mixture of natural and man-made. The ocean is literally a few steps away from the hotel itself, but the pool grabs the attention, both of them. One pool is a huge 4850 square feet, but the canyon activity pool is certainly the main feature, with its water elevator which takes guests from floor to floor – the pool actually has six different floors! This pool has won awards, and it’s really no wonder when you see it.

12) The Homestead Crater, Utar, USA

Hiding away in Mid-Utar you will find this beautiful pool, totally natural. This is actually natural spring, with all those fantastic health benefits which we know and love from water of this kind. It is a limestone cave and it was naturally hollowed out over time with erosion. The water then made its way inside, and sits today at a delicious 90 degrees in heat. If you’re looking for a pool which has fantastic views, health benefits, and something totally and utterly natural, then you need to be booking your ticket here.

13) The Hanging Gardens, Bali

Have you ever wanted to be suspended above nature, looking over the green of a forest or jungle? If so, this is the place you need to be going for total rest and relaxation. The pool gives you the illusion that you are literally hanging over the forest, with stunning views over the trees, wildlife, and beyond. Each hotel room in this particular resort has a view of the pool, but if you aren’t a fan of heights, perhaps this is one you need to be avoiding! Of course, this is a destination which isn’t going to come cheap, but perhaps for a honeymoon this could be a holiday to remember.

14) Devil’s Pool, Zimbabwe

If you are an adrenaline junkie you simply have to head here as part of your bucket list! Right on the edge of the famous Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe you will find Devil’s Pool. The falls drop to over 400 feet and whilst you’re not going to fall into them, you are right at the very perilous edge! This is a natural rock pool that takes you as far as you can go, and for the sheer thrill of it, it’s seriously memorable. Of course, the view is jaw-dropping enough too.

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