Cool tips exist for the reason alone of making your life easier and the internet is a great place to find these new, useful hacks. Here are some to try out.

1. Wine is a great drink chilled. If you don't have time to chill it in the fridge, use frozen grapes so that you can use them to make warm wine cooler.

2. Make your house smell fresh by taping a dryer sheet to the front of the air conditioner. It will blow fresh scent out.

3. Keyboards collect dust and dirt so clean it up with a sticky note. Press the stick part between the keys to get the dirt out.

4. Filling a bucket with water from the sink may be hard but an easy hack for that is to cut off the end of a water bottle and funnel the water from the sink into the bucket.

5. Prevent damage and waterproof your shoes by rubbing beeswax all over your shoes. Blow dry them after.

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