11,000-year Old Russian Statue: A Mystery No One Can Solve

Mysterious Russian Statue

History can be fascinating. Year after year, many relics and structures are being discovered in different places all over the globe, each with a unique story. One of the perfect examples of this is a Russian wooden idol, which is believed to be already 11,000 years old. That makes it twice the age of the Stonehenge and Pyramids. One thing that baffles historians about this structure is the code that it contains. No one knows exactly what the code meant, which added to the fascination of many about the statue.

According to experts, it is covered with an encrypted code. Like in many other pieces dug up with thousands of years of history, the code cannot be there without any reason at all. This is believed to be a message from the lost civilization, which is key to having a better understanding of history.

Mikhail Zhilin, a professor from the Institute of Archeology from the Russian Academy of Sciences, reveals that the encrypted message on the idol is now a hot topic amongst historians. They believe that the encryptions will speak a lot about the beliefs of the ancient people, somewhat similar to what is contained in the Genesis from the Bible.

It was initially thought that the statue was 9,500 years old after it was first discovered 125 years ago. However, in a more recent study in the Germany with the use of the revolutionary Accelerated Mass Spectrometry, it has been concluded that its actual age is already 11,000 years. This means that the structure could have been built during the start of the Holocene epoch, which is believed to be the start of the dominance of humans in the world.

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