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10 Pinterest Projects That Went Slightly…Wrong

Pinterest has proven to be a helpful website, with its DIY crafting idea and yummy recipes at the ready for readers to use. However, as these pictures prove, sometimes Pinterest projects are best left to those who can really craft works of art.

Hedgehog Cake

Creative baked good is what reigns supreme on Pinterest, especially cakes. This hedgehog cake may look simple but really, it’s the opposite, and in this case, it looks more like a hedgehog right off a zombie infested world. Scary.

Snowman Cookie

What could go wrong with a giant snowman cookie? EVERYTHING. From a heavenly Christmas treat to a blob of a mess at the end is probably not what she had in mind.


Melted Crayon Art

The goal? Melted crayons creating a beautiful rainbow colored abstract. The reality is a just an abhorrent mess. Picasso, you ain’t.

S’more Cookie

The idea behind it may be ingenious but wrapping an uncooked s’more with cookie dough is just… it doesn’t work.


Cookie Dish

Call the Pinterest fail police, we got another one. Using the back of a muffin pan to spread your cookie dough to achieve cookie dishes didn’t work. It just became one big, burnt cookie.

Tie Dye Nails

Looks great online but the truth is, all you get is a hand full of stained fingers. NOPE.

Glow Jar

Luminous lights in a jar sound appealing, but when this guy tried to recreate the glowing jar at home, let’s just say he was left stumped in the dark.

Baby Lights

Wrap your kid in Christmas lights, they said. The baby will look adorable, they said.

Caterpillar Cupcake

Birthday cakes out, birthday cupcakes in! Or is it? This fail of a caterpillar cupcake has us shaking our head in embarrassment. Just give us a cupcake with a candle on it, won’t you?

Patriotic Jello

Mixing red, white and blue jello stars only have two results. One, they come out great or two, it’s all just purple jello.

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