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10 Cool Ideas for Displaying Family Photos


For a house to be a home, there is a need to have love. There should be a family that stands with each other through thick or thin. While you may not always be able to show the world how much you love each other, a family photo can speak a lot about such.

With this, every house should have a photo of a happy family. To make the photos more attractive, make sure to pay attention on how it can be displayed. With such, keep on reading to learn different ideas about how family photos can be displayed.

  1. One of the coolest ways of displaying family photos is through using wires and clothespins. You do not need a frame to showcase the photos.
  2. This is particularly cool if the photos are small, such as those taken from a Polaroid camera you always bring during family trips. It will add a vintage style to any room where the photos will be displayed.

2. Incorporate inspiring quotes about family, life, or happiness, among others. Display the framed photos on the wall and leave an open space. Use a marker with a different color from the wall so that the quote can stand out.

3. Consider utilizing digital technologies. In a time wherein technology is incorporated in many homes, you can consider utilizing such in order to display family photos. Digital picture frames will make it possible to show several photos in a digital format rather than a single printed picture.

4. Go black and white. One of the good things about black and white photos is that they are timeless and add a touch of elegance to your home. Complement these pictures with black frames and hang it by the hallway.

5. Hang photos from the ceiling. If space is not an issue, you can attach wires or strings on the frames and hang them from the ceiling. This is recommended at a certain height only and if there are no kids who move around a lot. Make sure as well that the size and weight of the frame can be supported by the wire or string.

6. You can also consider using the same frame designs for different photos and display them in a unified pattern. For instance, you can surround your TV with frames of the same sizes and design, but with different family photos.

7. As an alternative to choosing frames with the same color and design, you can also choose frames with the same color but different designs. Forget style restrictions and know how to be more experimental when it comes to design.

8. Achieve a vintage feel with the use of antique frames. This will make the home look more rustic and elegant. Nonetheless, if you are using antique frames, to keep up with the theme, it would be best if the pictures are printed in black and white.

9. For a more contemporary way of displaying family photos, you can have them printed and be used as wallpaper. There are many small businesses catering specifically to printing wallpapers with personalized pictures.

10. You can also consider canvas as an alternative print material to traditional paper. When printed on canvas, the photos can be incorporated in the house in different ways. It is better to let go of frames when using photos printed on canvas to highlight its texture.

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