Are old bed frames really good for anything else other than being sold for petty cash? For some, that is exactly what they are good for as who really has the time to think about using old furniture in any other way than just putting them up for sale; once the new furniture is in the house, no one really cares much for what happens to the old.

However, for people always on a lookout for opportunities to be creative and inventive, old bed frames can be extremely valuable – not in terms of money but in terms of what can be done with them.

And Lindsay, from the blog My Creative Days, is one of those people!

The passionate DIY-er converted an old bed frame into a gorgeous outdoor bench in a way that anyone – who is a bit handy with tools – can easily replicate. For people on a budget, who really don’t see the point of spending too much on standard household furniture, this can be a really smart solution. While for others, who simply relish the opportunity of being able to create something extraordinary using their own two hands, this idea is gold!

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