Cinderblock Chair

Normally used in construction, cinder blocks make for excellent material in almost any DIY project. For this project, cinder blocks are ingeniously used to create a simple outdoor bench that requires minimal work and not a lot of money to make it.

With a level, sturdy ground for the blocks to be placed on, the cinder blocks are structurally stable. A total of 12 blocks act as the bench’s base, with four of it vertically standing upright and two horizontally stacked on top on each end.

4×4 pieces of wood then come in handy in making the bench come to life. With a little water sealant brushed on the 4x4s to protect it from a barrage of elements, the wood is good to go. Simply slip it into the holes of the cinder blocks for final placement and with that, the bench is complete. It’s that simple.

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