Are you always on a lookout for innovative, creative bedroom furniture ideas which can best utilize space in your house? If the answer's yes, then these headboards with pull-out shelves and hidden storage units will surely fascinate you.

These creative and stylish headboards not only save space, while having all the benefits of a nightstand, they also beef up the storage capacity of bedrooms by a huge margin. A standard nightstand has a flat surface and two, maximum, three drawers for storage. On the other hand, some of these headboard designs offer as many as 12 compartments – four times the capacity of a nightstand – and manage to take up less space as well.

Not many of us have the luxury, or the pockets, to afford houses with large, spacious rooms, and even if some of us do, space is something we are all always tight on. We, thus, have to make do with what we have available and utilize it in the best way possible.

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